Keeps jobs running like glockenspiels. Working with this helpful, likable crew is a blast.

The Family


Hans Mariacher – Founder

As the company’s Chief Strategic Advisor, Hans guides junior and senior staff members on projects of all sizes.

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Born and raised as a farm boy in a small province of Salzburg, Austria, Hans spent his childhood nurturing the growth of his family’s land and caring for the animals, including righting cows who would occasionally find themselves mysteriously tipped over. At the early age of fourteen, he earned an apprenticeship in carpentry and woodworking. He quickly proved himself to be a naturally gifted craftsman by completing the program with top marks in only three years. Immediately after, Hans wasted no time and spent the next four years as a lumberjack in Germany, further challenging himself and adding a new dimension to his skills.

In 1972, he arrived in the United States with a small suitcase and knowing very little English. He would soon discover that his most valuable assets were twenty-one years of discipline tempered by genuine hard work. In 1979, he founded Hanjo Contractors and into every new member of the team, Hans instilled the lessons he learned from nature, beginning with the principle that anything worthwhile takes time and encouraged everyone to accept no shortcuts.

Today, Hans is deeply respected in his role as the company’s Chief Strategic Advisor. As a passionate father to three children, he extends his caring and generous spirit to the entire Hanjo family, providing wisdom and guidance to both junior and senior staff members on projects of all sizes.


Adrian Mariacher – President

Adrian is responsible for the company’s leadership and is instrumental in collaborating with architects, designers, and clients.

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Born the same year that Hanjo started, Adrian spent many summers with his father, Hans, visiting job sites throughout the city. His interest in construction was already apparent even when he was just a young boy.

Many years later, after majoring in Economics at the University at Albany, he was eager to help his dad grow the family business. However, while Hans appreciated the importance of higher education, he also understood the value of practical experience. Before he could join the company, Hans insisted that Adrian enter into an apprenticeship just as he did. He assembled the most trusted of his European millworkers and together, they passed along a solid foundation – the very same principles he believed were the basis for shaping Hanjo's early success.

Exhibiting a determination similar to his father, Adrian completed the training in only two years and gained the type of confidence that comes from knowing how to build something beautiful with his own hands. When he surprised and impressed his mother with a charming handcrafted bench and cabinet for her birthday that year, he proved that he was ready.

Since then, Adrian has used his extensive technical knowledge to successfully manage Hanjo’s most comprehensive renovations, ranging from apartment combinations, duplexes, full townhouses, and complex multi-story extensions.

As President, Adrian is responsible for the company’s leadership and sustaining its growth. With a family of his own, he applies the lessons from fatherhood to guide Hanjo’s project management and specialty teams. Demonstrating a natural entrepreneurial spirit, he is instrumental in forming strategic collaborations with new architects, designers, and clients.

Adrian is a member of the board of Archbishop Molloy High School, one of the most prestigious college preparatory schools in the United States. Adrian serves as an advisor to the Building and Grounds Committee to provide insight and guidance on the school's construction projects throughout its 6-acre campus. He is proud to continue the practice of generosity by giving back to the community where he grew up.


Christine Mariacher – Managing Partner

Christine directs the project management team, helping individual team members reach the heights of their capabilities.

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After returning to NYC with a Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and dedicating several years in the design field, Christine joined Hanjo with an eagerness to bring her creative edge to the family business. Born with a natural gift, Christine has a perceptive and well-trained eye for color, design, quality, and craftsmanship. Her belief that the power of beautiful interiors can transform daily life is what drives her passion to ensure the finished product is perfect – a passion and excitement she shares with all of her clients during the building journey.

The company relies on her ability to thrive in the ever-evolving construction world and her knack for taking control of the challenges during each phase of a project. An efficient and passionate senior project manager and a keen observer, Christine upholds the Hanjo approach of excellent communication and assures unsurpassed quality with each project. She fights for every last detail right alongside her clients, ensuring their dream space is brought to full fruition.

In her role as Managing Partner, Christine directs the project management team, working with individual team members to help them reach the heights of their capabilities.


Vanessa Mariacher – Managing Director

Excited to join Hanjo in 2017, Vanessa is implementing internal changes to ensure Hanjo's family spirit extends to the entire group.

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As the youngest sibling, Vanessa is the newest addition to the team, joining the family business in 2017 after dedicating 12 years as a professional in both the operations and human resource management fields. Vanessa brings a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacred Heart University and maintains a distinguished certification as a Professional in Human Resources from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Her professional specialties include talent management, employee training, performance development and organizational planning. Vanessa is an enthusiastic and conscientious individual who built a career on the simple philosophy that a company is only as strong as the people behind it. She was afforded a rewarding success in her leadership roles by focusing on the alignment of organizational purpose, staff wellness and productivity as her top priorities.

Excited to join Hanjo as Managing Director, Vanessa adds to the bustling dynamic of the business by implementing new internal enhancements and ensuring that the hardworking members of the group are happy and that Hanjo's family spirit extends to the entire team.

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